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When Creativity Meets Business it Results in Innovation!

In 2003 HUNIC Design was formed to provide the highest quality creative results that effectively transfer visions into branded solutions. To this day, we remain true to our original philosophy and transform imagination and concepts into tangible branded solutions that exceed expectations and move beyond potential.

The Creative Industry is at a Standstill

Unfortunately creative industries have become more focused on business rather than on the final product. As a result, the work being produced became cold, dull, repetitive and boring.

Firms are not utilizing designers that are passionate about their craft, instead they are hiring personnel based on their pedigree, which unfortunately sometimes derives and is limited to the same principles and methods. If everyone is dipping the pen into the same creative ink the results will all look the same.

To chase the bottom line it became a priority to sell quantity over quality. Some firms are outsourcing to designers and programmers that are half way across the world and lack a true understanding of your industry, your products and your needs.

Other firms provide template based solutions distributed to any businesses regardless of their fields and services. As consequence a Foundry ends up looking like and sounding like a Spa or two direct competitors have the identical message and image.

You can have the best product, the best service, but unless people know about it or remember it, does it really matter?

Being Bold - Being Successful

Our team focuses on creating innovative solutions that are unique, different, that stand out and are memorable. We do not believe in just having a presence or blending in. For us, the sole purpose of an image, of branding, of marketing is that your message is delivered, understood and remembered. That you attract new customers, continue to impress and retain your existing ones and that you gain unmatched recognition for your name and services from your peers, throughout the industry and among your competitors.

Our Work is as Ingenious as it is Creative

At HUNIC Design there is passion behind our work. We are constantly crafting new and innovative concepts to address our client's specific needs. Our eagerness to learn about our client's unique businesses and their industries is the foundation that makes us excel in the development of new ideas and solutions.

We are well known for transferring undeveloped visions into high impact realities that become our client's vehicles in the road to success. We adapt to the market and stay ahead of new trends in an effort to continuously make our clients stand out and lead in their particular fields.

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