Our Process

We Invested Time to Save You Time

Over the years the hard work that takes place behind the scenes has been streamlined and refined so our clients do not interrupt their daily operations during the development of their projects. Our process has evolved into a simple, efficient and organized workflow to help our clients understand what will take place and to have them involved from beginning to end.

Step by Step Process

Research & Content Development

We learn everything that we need to know about our client’s business, including company’s operations, capabilities, services and targeted audience. Discovering the true essence of a company including its strengths, weaknesses, challenges and accomplishments, is the only way to represent it successfully and accurately. After conducting a thorough analysis, our team will determine the strategies that will best benefit our client’s business.

We will collectively implement a workflow to organize and effectively gather all relevant content from strategic departments in a timely manner. Appoint, assist and manage key personnel to successfully develop any additional content or material that is needed for the project.

Preliminary Design

Once we learn and discover all of the elements and strategies of this project, our creative team will determine the best representation for our client. We will create an outline of the project to communicate, review and agree on its direction. Upon approval of the concept’s outline we will move forward to its full development.

Finalization of Content

As all content is finalized, approved and submitted, our team will incorporate it into the project.

Launching & Delivery

Upon completing the development, HUNIC Design will conduct all internal quality control and testing in order for the launching and delivery to take place seamlessly. As part of our delivery, we will train our clients to successfully manage and maintain their project.

Ongoing Support…

HUNIC Design creates long and lasting relationships with our clients. Our team will continue to provide ongoing customer support, insight and new initiatives including advances in technology or in marketing trends to help our clients always stay abreast.

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