Digital Collateral

Give Your Information some Motion

This is the era where technology is at our fingertips where beyond traditional print, paper and ink lies a new approach to communication globally. An approach that should take the end user on an exciting journey that travels far away from flat, motionless, colorless and plain information. If you are looking to deliver information and obtain results, our company has the capability to produce digital collateral filled with dynamic elements, innovative designs, animation and life. At HUNIC we will give you everything but boring.

Capture your Audience…and then WOW Them!

Our team delivers your message in a more compelling way by incorporating a full range of digital media elements, including video, animations and graphics, voice-over, narrations, music and sounds all combined to unleash powerful and unforgettable experiences. Our digital collateral allows our clients to reach a greater number of potential customers faster, strategically and in a more cost effective and efficient manner. We will design the best tool to for you to reach your specific audience at the right time and with the right message.

Don’t Just Hug One - SAVE a Tree!

At HUNIC Design we create digital versions of traditional print items such as newsletters, catalogs, brochures and magazines among others, in a fully interactive digital publication that can be conveniently displayed on a CD, DVD, portable memory storage or online. Our presentations can be easily personalized and delivered to your potential customers in any part of the world.

By utilizing this powerful media, our clients not only save printing costs they also contribute to the preservation of our future by protecting our natural resources. Be proud to join them!

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