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With today’s technology, online shopping and World Wide shipping methods have revolutionized Business to Consumer (B2C) relationships. The array of online solutions have enabled businesses to promote and sell their products across the globe and conduct business 24/7.

Don’t Just Have a Shopping Cart

Many businesses make the mistake of creating an E-commerce as additional convenience or service that they can offer to their customers. They have no clear vision or strategies on how to make it successful. As a result, this online store only becomes an extension of their business and not enough importance is placed on it. The lack of clear direction and purpose will set up this project for failure. Some of the most known problems are lack of customer service, delayed product shipment, not enough inventory to fulfill orders, no one to talk to and many more. It is designed for the few and far between and the occasional orders to fulfill.

Unfortunately because there was not enough focus placed on the store or even the priority it deserved to operate successfully, it will become an expensive disappointment to the business and to its customers.

Your Online Store is not Only Online

Online stores are display units on the World Wide Web where customers can browse for products and make selections. As soon as a purchased is made, it is not online anymore, everything that takes place prior and after, happens in the physical world. From warehousing to packaging, order fulfillment to shipping. For this reason planning for an E-commerce solution must begin in the physical world as well.

To be a part of the successful online business community and to compete on equal basis it is vital to make the right preparations prior to opening for business. The E-commerce must be planned the same way as opening a new location. It needs to be treated as its own entity, with its corresponding business plan, strategies and operations, and designed for success, for the best-case scenario ready to fulfill 1,000 orders on its first day.

Pre-checklist to Success

  • Business plan
  • Market research and analysis
  • Personnel and assigned job duties
  • Inventory management and control
  • Product descriptions and organization
  • Pricing structure
  • Payment methods and gateway
  • Order fulfillment
  • Defined shipping methods
  • Store policies
  • Customer support
  • Marketing strategies

You are Ready for Your E-Commerce Business

Now that you have understood the attention and preparation that your E-commerce project deserves, HUNIC Design is your final ingredient for success. Our team will develop a turnkey solution that will empower you to conduct a successful online business. Our featured rich tools and cutting edge designs will enable you to constantly monitor, manage and to create an easy and fun shopping experience for your customers.

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