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The Industry that Changed the World!

People in manufacturing industries don’t give enough credit to their companies and manufacturing practices. They believe that it is dry, boring and uninteresting information that no one cares to read about. That the only audience they need to communicate to are engineers or people in other sectors of the industry, who are only looking for facts and schematics.

There is a great history and heritage to manufacturing industries. Since the Industrial Revolution it became one of the fastest growing and most diverse fields of the modern world. It has built countries and economies, provided jobs to millions and sprang cities globally. Great legacies forged by man and woman on floors of manufacturing facilities have been passed down through proud generations of engineers, technicians and skilled workers. Today manufacturing continues to be one of the most innovative and exciting industries that new generations want to be part of. There are thousands of new professionals that are inspired to continue on these footsteps, to strengthen economies and continue to manufacture quality consumer goods.

Share Your Legacy!

Most manufacturers are still relying on old traditional marketing practices such as trade shows, paper catalogs, directories and publications to promote their businesses. It is therefore very difficult to find useful, visual, engaging or even up to date information about their products, services, their current capabilities or methods. In addition, they are completely forgetting the importance of educating the general public about their history and heritage, and the new directions their companies are taking to fit into our more environmentally conscious world.

By educating consumers about manufacturing, the technological advances, innovations and improvements in quality and production, consumers will feel more empowered and excited to purchase products made locally. Regardless of your position in the chain from manufacturer to supplier to assembly, the way the manufacturing sector is portrayed will directly or indirectly affect your company. It is more likely that consumers that are better informed, engaged and educated will support the manufacturing sector and as a result help to improve the quality of life for all.

We Help You to Tell Your Story!

Since 2003 HUNIC Design has been offering custom solutions for the manufacturing industry from clothing and textiles, petroleum, chemicals and plastics, electronics, computers and transport, food, metals, wood to leather and paper. Our team of diverse designers possesses a unique global vision, which is a key component to help manufacturers develop and implement tactics to reach markets and the public locally and internationally, and to make their companies visible, accessible and available to potential customers or strategic partners seeking business alliances.

Our websites are built to excite, inform and showcase our client’s manufacturing practices, qualities, products, services, certifications, facilities and capabilities in an organized and effective manner. Our work displays a variety of dynamic elements that when combined together result in an impressive informational package that provokes end-user’s interest and influences their opinions and behaviors in the most favorable ways. At HUNIC Design we concentrate on making your website friendly internally for your company’s usage and externally for all end-users who are seeking your information.

We Bring The World To Your Business!

Our team has thought about everything, from setting up a platform where you can easily update your content, to creating galleries to showcase your latest product photos or company videos. In addition, your website can contain product quotes and e-forms to streamline your company’s operations both internally and externally. We have a true understanding of the elements and strategies that will set our client’s products apart and that will set new standards in the way the manufacturing industry looks, behaves and markets online. Our websites are carefully designed to engage and capture the attention of mixed audiences from different age groups, diverse ethnic backgrounds and with different levels of computer knowledge. We utilize elements to reach audiences that may not be up to speed with all of the technological advances and also the new generation of professionals that uses the World Wide Web as the main information source to select key business partners and suppliers around the globe.

No matter the type or size of your business, our custom designed websites will improve your communication efforts, increase your online exposure, help you better communicate with your customers and vendors, streamline your business operations, highlight your competitive advantages and your credentials, deliver a consistent message and call your potential customers to action regularly.

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