Professional Services (B2C)

Be the Right Choice that Customers are Searching For

The Internet became a trusted source to find professional and reliable services. Internet users are utilizing multiple venues such as search engines, directories, listings etc. to find professional service providers in a multitude of areas. They exchange their personal experiences with others on Blogs and Forums that become the new word of mouth referral system. Whether you provide residential services including plumbing, maintenance, housekeeping, are an independent contractor or assist families with legal and accounting matters, it is vital for you to have the right representation of your company and services in the form of a website. Potential customers like to educate themselves and find out as much information as possible before making direct inquiries or contacts.

Selecting You Should be an Easy Option

HUNIC Design creates custom designed websites that truly represent the individuality of each particular business. Our designers will help you present your company in a unique and personal manner and market your products and services to your potential customers all without the risk of looking like your competitor. Our company will work closely with you to learn what makes your business the best choice. We will concentrate our efforts on marketing your competitive advantages, certifications and experience so they are strategically delivered to your potential customers. As a result, they will be able to make the right decision about you.

Be In Control of Your Business Through Your Website

Our solutions include websites that you can easily maintain and update internally without needing technical or programming background. In addition, we provide expert assistance with branding, online marketing, website hosting, search engine optimization and other key elements to ensure that your business captures the attention of consumers looking for your products and services. Our work will always deliver a consistent and appropriate message so you can earn your potential customer’s trust and they are confident to do business with you.

Make Your Website Your Best Marketing Tool

We will work with you to teach you how this amazing tool can be one of your best assets. With a website designed and hosted by our company, you will be able to post specials, announce your latest products and services, showcase before and after photos, display your existing customer’s testimonials, personalize messages to your targeted audience, send responders, gain more online exposure, track your website visits, collect information from your potential customers and most important of all, impress your visitors with a unique design specifically tailored for your and their needs.

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