Our Marketing Philosophy

Don’t Get Lost in Trying To Be Found

At HUNIC Design our online marketing philosophy is very simple: To remain true to the concept and the purpose of existence of the World Wide Web. It was designed to be the superhighway of information exchange and was built upon the usage of directories that provided information in an organized and reliable manner. Search Engines only started to be utilized to search these directories and give a quicker result to the end users. Today the World Wide Web has grown into billions of reference points, web pages and documents that are archived since day one. Search Engines, including Google, are no longer magic wands, they became a sink whole of information forcing Internet savvy generations to refer to other more reliable methods.

There are still too many companies that only focus on one thing, where they can be found and on what page, and in their race for placement they forget the importance to impress and communicate to their audience in the right way. Their content is compromised, is shifted to a different audience, not human, they are softwares best known as search engine crawlers, spiders that only prioritize on keyword density. Limiting your efforts and only focusing them on where you can be found in the Search Engines, on what page, under what keywords, is a daunting task considering the ever-changing face of the Internet and the millions of website owners competing over the same spot. Businesses that are only relying on being found among billions of listed results are setting themselves up for failure.

Reach Out and Communicate to Be Recognized

Today’s online marketing is consistently improving and utilizing a lot more channels than Search Engines. These channels are creating a new, more reliable, consistent and larger network of exposure constantly used and improved by millions of users. Directories have evolved into more trusted reference points where information can be found in categories and subcategories based on their content of information instead of keywords. Sites that are listed in these directories are receiving higher quality visitors who have meticulously researched throughout the relevant categories to find your website. Among these directories there are additional networks that operate in similar ways and result in similar page visits. They are social bookmarking sites, link exchange sites and others.

In addition to directories and social bookmarkings, there are new ways to communicate online, through the usage of blogs and forums. This is the modern twist to doing business the old fashion way, through word of mouth advertising, and with the difference that it now takes place around the globe at the speed of light. These sources can be so powerful that they can change even the direction of a political campaign without much effort, only at the click of a button. In addition to blogs and forums, there are other media that has resurfaced with a newer, faster and greater reach, article and press release directories can now contain large amounts of niche specific content and they are syndicated throughout the globe utilizing RSS feeds to billions of subscribers.

We Reach to Bigger Audiences!

At HUNIC Design we believe that by utilizing all the alternate channels and by reaching out to a greater audience (building a bigger web), we will obtain better quality page visits that can deliver more recognition and result in more business. We know that savvy Internet users will find the right resources and channels, that they will distinguish the right choices among all of the existing clutter. Ultimately because search engines utilize these same channels for their searches, you will become the popular choice of your topic and naturally be found on the top of the pages consistently and for the right reasons. You will find that the visitors that come to your website did not just stumble upon you, they come ready to do business.

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