Article Submissions Service

A Powerful Tool to Distinguish Your Business

Articles are among the oldest marketing tools used to obtain recognition and credibility. Professionals from different backgrounds have always created articles as a mean to inform, educate and exchange their opinions and findings to readers seeking relevant and reliable information. These articles are widely available through distributions and publications and authors have distinguished themselves as leaders in their fields.

Article Submission has now reached new heights; it has become a powerful method for businesses to communicate throughout online publications and Article Directories to reach a much greater, diverse and more targeted audience.

Gain Recognition and Improve SEO Ranking

Articles have evolved as well, they do not only target the human reader, to gain credibility and recognition, they now have a new audience known as the Search Engine “Crawlers” or “Spiders”. These programs will analyze the Articles methodically based on content, keyword density and index them accordingly. This is a great benefit not only to channel readers directly to the author’s website but to improve the websites’ Search Engine visibility and rankings.

Article Directory websites became the new source for Internet users to gain up to date information on various topics and industries. These Directories provide listings of Articles organized into categories and subcategories based on their topics. Articles are often syndicated, distributed and published on other websites. Some of the Article Directories offer web feeds to their readers to give them current information on Articles submitted in their preferred topics or authors.

All Articles are reviewed and approved by an individual from the Article Directory Site. To list in these Directories articles must be manually submitted and equipped with a “Bio box” with authors credentials, references and contact information and a backlink to their website.

Key Features of Article Submissions:

  • Manual submission to quality High Page Rank Article Directories
  • Creation and verification of unique User accounts
  • Permanent One-way links with no reciprocal links required
  • Author credit with up to 2 website links
  • Variations of Title & Description at every100-article submission
  • Unique articles available for client’s approval prior to publication
  • Detailed reports

At HUNIC Design we know the importance of utilizing Articles as an addition to our client’s websites content to gain credibility and become recognized as a leader within their industry. Our team will focus on providing high quality publications throughout article directories to channel qualified visitors and potential customers to our client’s websites and in the process improve Search Engine ranking.

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