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Directories are the Original Backbone of the Internet

The success of the World Wide Web is built on the foundation of Web Directories. These Directories are becoming more and more of the preferred methods among educated Internet users to access streamlined and relevant information. Web Directories do not display lists of information based on keywords like Search Engines, instead they list websites by categories and subcategories. These categories are based on the whole website content rather than on one page or a set of keywords, and sites are often limited to inclusion in only a few categories. Links must be manually submitted to ensure the right placement. Once links are submitted, a reviewer from the directory will verify them. As the links are approved they will be listed within that specific category.

Many Directories are general in scope and list websites across a wide range of categories, regions and languages. Among some of the new trends are niche Directories, which focus on more specific demographics, a single language or a specialized sector.

Directory Submissions send Quality Target Traffic

Because Search Engine’s results are becoming overwhelming and diluted with high budget companies taking top rankings, Internet users have started to refer to more niche specific Directories. These Directories will list companies regardless of their marketing budget or size and listings will only be organized based on specific category types. As a result, users can make more specific targeted selections producing higher quality page visits

Directory Submission Key Features:

  • Manual submission to Directories
  • Permanent one-way links with no reciprocal links required
  • Constant review, verification and update of Directories
  • Submission to Directories with High PR rank.
  • Unique titles and unique descriptions to avoid duplication of content
  • Detailed reports

At HUNIC Design we are committed to providing quality Directory Submission with High Page Rank sites for best results. In addition, we will focus our efforts on making our clients’ websites the top choices through qualified listings where potential customers are seeking industry specific products, services or partnerships.

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